Back at it….


I was speaking with a good friend of mine today over good cup of coffee (iced, of course), and we were sharing some of the things God was doing in our lives, some of the challenges we’ve been encountering and the ways God’s been showing up and showing out. As we dove into our conversation, my friend began talking about perseverance in light of walking the Christian walk and enduring all of life’s challenges that come our way. He made a comment that I like and find worth passing on as he said:

People have stories that inspire because they persevere.

Because they keep pressing on when everybody else says “Quit” or when the world gives up, pats itself on its back and tells itself “At least I tried….”

How inspiring would Nehemiah’s story been had he quit building the wall at day fifty? Or Jeremiah amidst his persecution? Job? Noah? The list goes on….

How powerful is the love and message of Jesus Christ had He given up on the cross?

Stories that inspire, inspire because of perseverance. Perseverance is the story!

Two things I want to leave you all with before we venture off to the world’s most dangerous city on Saturday. (And, actually, one team member is going down early, leaving tomorrow!)

(1)    Do not quit! Life sucks sometimes, and I’m sorry that there’s no better way to say it than that. Sometimes, life sucks! But endure the hardships, persevere through the trials, so that you’re story , by God’s grace and through Christ crucified, can (and will!) inspire! DO NOT QUIT.

(2)    Pray for our team. We’re going to a place (Emmanuel Children’s Home) that was accustomed to seeing between 500-700 visitors come every year to strengthen the home and invest in the kids of the home. And this was only 5 years ago! This year and last, they’ve seen a little over fifty to seventy-five visitors, the majority being Ace Hoops teams. Because of the violence and instability of the city, visitors are no longer visiting, and, unfortunately, it’s the home that feels the consequences. But, I am humbled again at the passion of my team—a team of thirteen journeying down to the home, individuals who are not content patting themselves on the back and saying “I’d like to go, but…”

They are going. They are persevering. And they’re perseverance inspires me and humbles me.
So keep us all in your prayers. While safety is obviously of high priority, the highest priority is taking up our cross and following Christ where He leads. Living and loving like Him, even if that means to the world’s most dangerous city.

From the onset of our trips to Juarez in the summer of 2009, I have always been encouraged by your prayers and support. Thank you! As always, we’ll do our best to blog stories and pictures and videos from the home throughout the week to give you a glimpse into our home away from home.
As always, keep pressing on!