And the journey begins…


I always used to tell myself that journaling was for girls. That’s what my friends always told me growing up, anyway. But this is blogging, which is completely different. And so my blog begins…..
I want to set up my personal blogging rules before going any further and here they are:

  1. I like to number things.
  2. Don’t expect anything theologically profound from this blog. I’ll save that for the other males in the Anderson clan. My dad is a Missouri Synod Lutheran pastor. Matt, my older brother, is campus pastor at Eaglebrook and Luke, my younger bro, is in the works, in his first year of seminary in St. Louis. I am just an ex-teacher, trying my best to run the race set out before me. So the theological undertones and messages in what follows may be raw…
  3. I love my beautiful bride (Emily), my family, my God and anything sports. Much to my surprise, I find myself being a Brett Favre fan, I have faith in the Minnesota Timberwolves (in two years) and hold steadfastly to the belief that NASCAR is not a sport.  I enjoy eating babyfood (Hawaiian Delight!), have a surgically repaired knee (which needs to be surgically repaired again), and love the summer.
  4. I can boast in no one but my God. Early on in this Ace Hoops journey, I am continually humbled at how BIG our GOD is in comparison to what we think are worries. God is working and moving; I’m along for the ride and loving every minute.