[Almost] Grown-Up


I’m almost grown up. Or so I think so anyway. And these feelings have only been validated from recent events like the basketball growing from my wife’s tummy (it’s actually a boy!), signing up for parent/teacher conferences, and finding myself eating Honey Bunches of Oats in the morning.
May be a kid at heart–hopefully always will be–but I woke up this morning with some heavy and adult things on my heart.

What do I want my kid to know?

What kind of father do I want to be?

If I knew that my time here on this earth was limited, what would I do?

And so I did something very manly and adult-like, I journaled:

Extend grace to him like my Savior extends me grace.

Pray for my child to extend ME grace as his Savior extends him grace.

Fly down to Juarez to give my second-family and all my ninos hugs and kisses.

Explain that private education (no names) can be amazing. The loans that follow, not-so-amazing…

Serve, love and encourage Em in ways so selflessly and naturally it’s as if serving, and loving and encouraging somebody other than yourself is actually easy.(Which we know, of course, is a lie. It does not come easy. And lying is not ok, but striving to be more like Christ is…)

Eat Coco Pebbles occasionally because I can. And because they are good.

Display superior physical and athletic ability over him (modestly, of course) until he is in college. (And then, I’d still love to hang tough…)

Be humble in winning, gracious in losing. (It’s a list, I’m not saying I’m there yet…)

Be a father of prayer.

Be a father that walks in faith, and evidences the power of prayer in my life.

Be engaged in the things that my God cares about. Seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly…

Works hard, has fun. Borderline immature, but gets the job done.

Run in such a way as to win the prize. Live like there’s no tomorrow.Keep pressing on…

I don’t think I’m going to make a habit of this journaling thing, but a friend of mine encourages people to make a list every day of five things to get done–that this is one ingredient towards a healthy life.

You’re time here is limited. Reality check. And I’d like to be found caring about things that actually matter. Your turn: Make that list. Check it twice. Then make it happen.

Today’s a gift.

Thank you, God, for waking me up today. May every waking moment I have, every waking moment you’ve given me, be used for Your glory. Amen.

Run in such a way as to win the prize. Live like there’s no tomorrow. Keep pressing on….