Addressing Literacy


All students deserve the opportunity to succeed in life and pursue the dreams and goals they set for themselves. The ability to read is perhaps the most crucial skill in determining how far they can reach.
Research from the Minneapolis Foundation and One Minneapolis indicates that up to 70% of the students within the sphere of influence of our programs may not be reading at grade level. These numbers are alarming, as we know that such issues, especially among younger students, are leading indicators for such things as substance abuse, violence, and future incarceration.

This is NOT ok, and we’re set out to address it.

This fall, in partnership with Minneapolis Park & Rec, Ace will be launching our literacy program, Ace | Readers. The program will be held weekly on Monday evenings at our home in the Powderhorn Rec Center. Staying aligned with best practice, Ace | Readers will emphasize the building blocks of literacy–phonics, spelling and vocabulary–as it’s basis. Utilizing small groups and led by the best and most capable volunteers around, our goals for this program are two-fold:
(1)   To increase literacy in all students served to the point where they are reading at or above grade level by 3rd grade.
(2)   To equip and empower our students’ parents to be models of literacy in their homes. 

More details will be forthcoming as we launch into fall with some exciting new programs and developments! With questions regarding this program, or our other Fall programming, feel free to stop on by at The door is always open!

Press on.