Ace Values


Ace in the City continues to grow in staff and scope and reach in the community. All good things, and we thank God for them.  As we grow, however (as any organization grows), the danger becomes losing sight and alignment to our vision and mission. Which is why values are so important. Values tether you to vision and mission, help you keep aligned.

While we have operated and expressed ourselves within a general framework that’s seemingly been pretty consistent across staff and programs, we’ve never actually done the good and hard work of putting values on paper and in front of us. But we did it, and it’s beautiful.

Our work will be guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to the following things, and we’d love your accountability as we keep the course:

  • Humility. We ask questions and listen first, learn second, and only then do we pursue a response, always looking to collaborate alongside others.
  • Generosity. We are good stewards with what God has given us, believing through simple living and lavish giving things work to be made right.
  • DignityBy equipping and empowering, we affirm the worth of all people, believing we all have something to offer and something to receive.
  • PresenceWe place people over programs, believing safe spaces and healthy relationships are created and sustained through consistency.
  • DelightWe find joy in laughing together, believing playfulness, curiosity and fun are things that should never outgrow us.

Thanks for walking with us, friends. Have a great week!
-Tim Anderson