ACE After-School: Part II


Well thanks for all the prayers—they were heard and answered in a powerful way!

We had 30 kids signed up for our ACE after-school program, but as is the sad, yet true, reality of ministry within this context, the conversion rate between kids registered and kids showing up is oftentimes quite low. Our first evening of ACE After-School was no different, and of the thirty or so individuals who were previously registered, fourteen showed up. And those fourteen had an absolute BLAST! And even though we wish, hope, and pray that the “missing sixteen” show up next Thursday, it was nonetheless an amazing night. Here are some highlights:

While only fourteen of the previously registered thirty kids showed up, we actually registered EIGHT MORE KIDS on the spot! We found out that we share the rec facility on Thursday evenings with a Hispanic Women’s Group. They bring their kids. Those kids are now part of the ACE After-School program We totaled twenty-two (22!!!!!!) kids for our first night!!! And I only imagine that number growing, Lord-willing….What a success!

A leader from another local park swung by to check things out at Powderhorn, see what programs it was offering, etc. and was BLOWN AWAY at our program, and more so at the number of kids we already had registered. We made sure to mention that this was day one of our programming, so obviously much uncertainty was in the air as to what things would look like, how things would play out, etc. However, her enthusiasm carried right through as evidenced in her asking ACE to go to her park and do a similar after-school program there. (We said “Thanks, but let’s wait to see how our Powderhorn program goes first!”)
As mentioned, the kids had a blast. We played some games, worked on self-portraits and worked on math homework together. Oh, and of course snack….everybody’s favorite!

Even though this is a “skill-based” program in partnership with the park, God still made Himself known within the threads, and we’re hoping this continues. “Always be ready to give an answer….” and our leaders were ready! The Gospel message of Jesus Christ was shared to the entire group after one boy, Raul, shared with the group that he’s “perfect.” Kristen, our community program coordinator, was ready to give an answer and replied… “I only know one person who was perfect…..” Raul, and the group, was astonished to hear that this Jesus guy was the only perfect person to ever live and that even Mother Mary had her flaws. (We’ll see if the kids come back next week after that was shared….). So God showed up, God showed out! Continue to pray that conversations like this can continue to happen with these kids.

So thanks! Thanks for the prayers, thanks for the encouragements, thanks for the support! If you ever get the itch, we’d love to have you come join us even for an evening to check out what God’s got going on in one small part of South Minneapolis! Happy Saturday, keep pressing on…