19 and counting….


True story:

This past July, on our return trip to the Emmanuel’s Children Home in Juarez, Mexico, we were sitting and waiting for our connecting flight from Dallas to El Paso. There I was, about to caffeinate myself, when I saw two celebrities, holding hands and praying together before eating in a meal.

Two little love birds, enjoying each other’s company. And praying together!

IT WAS THE DUGGAR’S!!! From TLC’s hit show 19 and Counting.….

Friends thought it be a little excessive to ask them to autograph my breakfast burrito wrapper, so I just stared awkwardly from 10 feet away….

Fast forward four months later….I’m writing tonight EXCITED to say that our own family is growing. We’ve grown to 19!!!

Tonight was our third Saturday night of balling with our Ace Hoops kids from South Minneapolis. For those of you who do not know, in October we began our fall Fast Break programming at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis. About twice monthly, we rent out the facility–which has a beautiful gynmasium and “spill out” space for eating, hanging out, etc–for kids to come and compete, have fun, eat some food, and enjoy some fellowship.

In a weird way, we’ve got our own Duggar’s! Those kids are like our family–we love them!!!–and we’re growing! Today, we hit our highest number of kids at 19!!!!!! (With no intention to stop growing, God-willing, any time soon!)

A HUUUUUUGE thanks to all our Ace Hoops volunteer coaches for investing in these kids–you make it GO!!! Thanks, as well, to all the prayerful and financial supporters, we couldn’t do it without you either!!

Keep those prayers coming!

Happy Saturday! Happy extra sleeping. Skol Vikings!!