Cultivating Relationships

We all have this incredible opportunity to use our imperfect gifts, ask beautiful questions, and listen intently to hard answers. This is the invitation in front of us all, of life off the main highway and into the nooks and corners of homes and neighborhoods. We will discover places we’ve never been and see things we’ve never seen. Ace in the City has been asking big and beautiful questions and listening to the answers for over ten years. It has brought us to some of the most beautiful and sacred spaces.

The scope of our work — our programs and projects, our communication platforms and the ways in which we partner with others — are all geared with one goal in mind: to cultivate belonging. While our communities and the world around us may change, we will not waver in our posture of placing people over programs, quality over quantity, and relationships first.

We believe every community has the people and resources necessary for all members of it to flourish and be successful. Our approach in community development focuses less on needs and gaps and more on our assets and our strengths. It’s a subtle shift in perspective, but we believe it makes all the difference in the world.

Our neighborhood has strong schools, resilient people groups and some of the finest public parks in the metro. As we listen to and learn from our neighbors, we see our work in community development to build upon all the great things our neighborhood calls our own.


South Minneapolis is home to over 100 languages. Incredible!! Our work in the schools seeks to build upon the gift of language our neighborhood possesses, believing that literacy and fluency are a few of the greatest catalysts towards community, career and a sense of belonging.

Youth & Families

Powderhorn Park is a hidden gem in Minneapolis, home to one of the biggest and best parks in the entire metro. Parks are meant to be enjoyed and to bring people together. We coordinate frequent programs, parties, and get-togethers at the park to stay connected and build community.

Food & Housing

With such a diverse community and a growing housing market, Ace in the City works to protect our homes and our cultural mosaic through healthy food initiatives and with our voice on the Minneapolis Renters’ Coalition.


We continue to be blown away at the creativity and inspirations of our student leaders. With the launching of Ace Coffee, we provide a platform for youth to explore their passions, sharpen their skills and gain experience for careers that await them.

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Become a Volunteer

Without the time and talents of our volunteers, connectedness and belonging would not be possible. We have opportunities throughout the school year, as well as summer programming that invites you into the lives of those in our community!

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We believe we can do immeasurably more together than we could ever do alone. Unfortunately, our world and our culture rarely behaves in this way. We are constantly dominated with turf wars and silos, operating within a perspective of scarcity that suggests there’s not enough for me and for you.

Ace in the City lives within the world of abundance, believing that as we bring our best for our collective good and as we seek to partner well with others who do the same, there is more than enough for all of us. Collaboration is crucial in the flourishing of our community.

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Some of the greatest assets in our communities are our churches and our church buildings. We are rethinking how we utilize our space, reimagining the ways in which our buildings can add life and energy to our neighbors and in our communities.

Church Consulting

We know every community is contextualized to their unique demographics and assets. What works in our neighborhood may not work in the community down the road or across the city. Ace in the City works with churches to better posture and position their congregation for more effective community development.

Emmanuel Children's Home

Belonging is not found in keeping our borders, only in crossing them. Partnering alongside our friends from Emmanuel Children’s Home in Juarez, Mexico, Ace in the City leads multiple trips to the home every year, all aimed to deepen perspective and provide cross-cultural experiences.

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Our Collaborators

We do very little on our own and are intentional to leverage our platforms and our voice to highlight the great work of our partners. We continue to be so grateful of the generosity demonstrated by our partners and blown away at the impact of their work.

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Whether you’re part of a local church, community organization or corporation, we believe we can do more together. We desire more partnerships and stronger collaboration to further the work of belonging. Interested in what partnership might look like for you?

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We live in a world increasingly marked by division and hostility. Conversations have been seemingly replaced with echo chambers and us-versus-them shouting matches. But “us” and “them” gets us nowhere.

Ace in the City is intentional in our focus to create spaces where voices are heard, questions are asked, and perspectives are shared. In a world driven by agendas, we believe the best agenda is one where we listen, learn, and practice the ability to see our neighbor even as we navigate the tension that may arise from differing experiences, backgrounds and points of view.


As part of our All City Presents initiative, Ace in the City has launched seasonal podcasts that unpack relevant conversations within our culture, country and world. Guests on the podcast come from a variety of backgrounds and represent a diversity in thought surrounding the topic or theme.

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Community Tables

Working alongside our podcasts are our frequent Community Table events where we gather together to listen, learn and practice using our voice as we contribute toward the topic and theme at hand. Belonging can’t happen apart from you. Learn more about our next event and register.

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Social Media

While the best conversations are face-to-face, we understand the importance of utilizing technology and social media as ways to engage in healthy, life-giving, and belonging-cultivating ways. Stay connected with Ace in the City here.

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We value delight and find joy in laughing together, believing playfulness, curiosity, and fun are things we should never outgrow. Whether it’s golfing or our hoppy hours, our annual benefit or 5k, explore ways to join us and lean into all things Ace in the City. Learn about what’s coming up.

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