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Ace In The City

"You will be my witnesses the ends of the earth."

Jesus states in the last chapter of Matthew, “Go and make disciples of all nations.” The commandment is simply stated, but the implementation of it is anything but simple. Short-term missions in the American context oftentimes does more harm than good, whereby service projects evolve into glorified vacations. We see short-term missions differently: as a launching pad for further Kingdom Work. Yes, our aim is to love and serve with whomever we interact with on our trips, but the depth and level of the impact should be equally (if not more so) felt by the one serving (not just the one being served), as God desires to use the week in a different culture to stretch and challenge and empower us to more relentlessly pursue Him and the things that are close to His heart upon returning back home.

Local Youth

You don’t have to look very far to see brokenness and despair. Spend one day with our kids, however, and you’ll see all the reasons we have hope. And hope is contagious.

Ace in the City does not shy away from the things that tear down and destroy. We’re engaged and empowered to address them head on. Violence, poor graduation rates, fatherlessness. These are but a few of the realities in our community of South Minneapolis.

We believe that communities are built and strengthened through authentic relationships. Of being consistent. And committed. And connected with individuals, and particularly with our youth.

Ace in the City places an intentionally asserted effort investing in our youth.

Ace | Readers

Provoking discovery of heart and mind through books. Readers is our literacy infused school-year program for students kindergarten through 5th grade. The purpose is to equip and empower youth to grow stronger as readers and leaders in our community and beyond.

Ace | Middle School

Middle School plugs students 6th through 8th grade into a specific group geared toward them! Including games and character building activities, our Middle School program encourages positive self-identity, building good friendships, and being leaders for change.

Ace | Nourish

In partnership with Sheridan Story, our weekend meal distribution program at Folwell School addresses a huge need in our community, food insecurity. The issues surrounding this reality are evident and we strive to sponsor more students through simple acts of discreetly setting food packs in lockers every Friday.

Ace | Deeper

Ace | Deeper plugs in kids within our programs and community to one of our core group Bible studies where kids are equipped and encouraged in the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and empowered  by the Spirit to live lives of love and purpose.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age. Matthew 28: 19-20.”


We believe that authentic community requires collaboration. We seek to build stronger support networks inside the home and out.

We believe that authentic community empowers those within it. We seek to equip individuals to lead, learn and grow in maturity and confidence.

We believe that authentic community maintains its identity. Within the threads of our programs, we build structures and systems that celebrate uniqueness and applaud personal growth and achievement.

We believe that authentic community breaks down walls. We pursue with passion programs that combat youth and domestic violence, restore family ties, promote excellence in the classroom and prepare for a successful tomorrow.

Ace | Juntos

Juntos coordinates frequent community gatherings, events, and support services aimed to provide opportunities where families connect with each other, and intersect with other families. Our hope is to create a space that encourages belonging within our neighborhood.

Ace | Back2School

The Back2School Drive and Bash is Ace’s big fall kick-off event in August for the community, helping prepare our students for the school year ahead. The main event is the sale of quality backpacks and supplies for a reduced cost to families of Ace’s kids, providing a sense of ownership and maintaining dignity. The Bash is for the whole family and community, offering giant inflatables, food, free haircuts, and tons of laughter. Watch video here.

Ace | Neighbor

Ace | Neighbor program recruits and places individuals to commit to two-years of urban mission service within an Ace House in South Minneapolis. Working alongside Ace in the City and urban and suburban churches, the goal is simple: Love God. Love our neighbors like ourselves.

ACE | Equip

As we’ve been active listeners without our community, we’ve heard the desire and the need of many of our parents to be equipped and empowered in their English literacy. We’re responding to the need with a weekly conversational class for our parents.

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Town House
Little House
Big House
Water tower
“Basketball, like other talents we have, is a language. And if we can become fluent, we can impact those who speak it .”


Change begins with being challenged. Change doesn’t just happen. And it never will unless we do something about it. But to be challenged, one has to journey outside of his/her comfort zone. For once the comfort bubble bursts, perspectives emerge, passions ignite, passive becomes proactive. We are stretched. Confronted. Dared to act, to move, to do something. Take what we’ve learned, what we have seen and heard and experienced, and apply it.

Some coin it short-term mission trips. We like to call it launching pads for life-giving, Spirit-infused, lifestyles. There’s nothing short-term about it. Because the impacts can be eternal.

Ace | Abroad

Ace | Abroad

Abroad is intentional, missional experiences with our partner, Emmanuel Children’s Home in Juarez, Mexico. It’s relationships beyond our everyday community! The focus of these trips is three-fold: (1) to offer life-changing missional experiences to our community (2) to share the love of Jesus Christ in tangible ways with the home and children we visit and (3) through intentional development, be changed…transformed…empowered to share the love of Jesus Christ in bigger and bolder ways upon returning home.

Ace | Encounter

Ace | Encounter

For many of the youth in our neighborhood, travel is a luxury. We know, however, that travel can be transformational. Ace | Encounter is our annual teen-focused trip to Emmanuel Children’s Home in Juarez, Mexico.  Its goal is to help our students discover their purpose, develop a more global perspective, and dive into the adventure of a purposed life beyond borders.

To help our students financially make this trip possible, consider giving toward a scholarship today.

“Nothing in life is more powerful than the interwoven strength found in an “us.” Pursuing community, one relationship at a time.”