Ways you can help out your community

How your donations help

Choose a one time amount and see how your donations are used

2 Backpacks

for Students.

1 Week

of Literacy Curriculum.

1 Evening

Shift for Student Workers.

1 Week

of Snacks.

2 Winter Coats

for students.

1 Week

of After School materials.

4 Backpacks

for Students.

2 Weeks

of Literacy Curriculum .

1 Podcast


1 Vehicle

Rental for Special Outings.

80 Pounds

of distributed food.

4 Winter Coats

for Students.

200 Pounds

of distributed food.

10 Backpacks

for Students.

3 Middle Schoolers

to Summer Retreat.

1 Inflatable

Inflatable for Back2School Bash.

1 Community

Table for All City Presents.

10 Winter Coats

for Students.

1 Teen

to visit Juarez.

1 Month

of Facilities Rental.

400 Pounds

of distributed food.

1 Summer

Grillout for our families.

20 Backpacks

for Students.

5 Podcast


2 Teen

to visit Juarez.

2 Months

of Facilities Rental.

800 Pounds

of distributed food.

1 Christmas


12 Middle Schoolers

to Summer Retreat.

1 Summer Internship

for Teen Leader.

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Without the time and talents of our volunteers, connectedness and belonging would not be possible. We have opportunities throughout the school year, as well as summer programming that invites you into the lives of those in our community!

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We can do more together than we ever could do alone. We are always looking to deepen our partnerships and identify more creative ways to collaborate alongside others. Email us for more details of what partnership might look like with Ace in the City.

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